Todd Richter

Todd Richter‘s distinguished career spans over two decades as the managing director of the global healthcare investment group at Bank of America, showcasing his unwavering commitment to professional excellence. With a foundation built during 18 years at Morgan Stanley, where he served as a pivotal analyst and director of research for healthcare equity services, Richter’s expertise has been invaluable to the financial industry.

As managing director at Bank of America, Richter leads initiatives aimed at aligning the institution with key financial strategies and trends, ensuring global success. His leadership extends to guiding the Healthcare research group and providing critical insights as a senior research analyst in areas such as health insurance, managed care, and healthcare providers and distributors.

Richter’s educational background, including an undergraduate degree from the College of William and Mary in 1979, complements his professional achievements. He actively contributes to the Kelley School’s Dean’s Council and plays a significant role in the New York City chapter of the Kelley School Alumni Association, in addition to being a distinguished member of the Arbutus Society at Indiana University.

His professional acumen has garnered esteemed recognitions, including the “All-American Analyst” designation on at least 17 occasions and numerous accolades as an “All-Star Analyst,” presented annually by the Wall Street Journal. These accolades reflect Richter’s steadfast commitment to maintaining his stellar reputation and making meaningful contributions to his field.