Todd Richter

Todd Richter embarked on a modest yet impactful career in finance, ultimately rising to become one of Wall Street’s foremost financial healthcare analysts. His journey began in 1979 when he graduated from the College of William and Mary with a solid foundation in undergraduate finance. Subsequently, Richter continued his educational pursuits at Indiana University, notably within the prestigious Kelley School of Business, where he earned a Master’s in Business Administration in 1981. This marked the inception of Richter’s successful trajectory in the financial industry.

For an impressive span of 18 years, Richter was an integral part of Morgan Stanley. During his tenure, he played a pivotal role in shaping the firm’s healthcare services equity research while providing comprehensive coverage across various subsectors within the healthcare services domain. In 1999, Richter embarked on a new chapter in his career by joining Bank of America, where he assumed the leadership of the banking giant’s healthcare research group. In this capacity, he also held the position of a senior research analyst specializing in health insurance, overseeing a diverse portfolio of healthcare-related projects, including the management of specialty health benefits and the cultivation of strategic relationships with healthcare providers and distributors.

Today, Todd Richter remains a key asset at Bank of America, holding the esteemed position of Managing Director within the global healthcare investment banking group. In this influential role, he spearheads the group’s financial sponsor coverage and formulates strategic approaches that align healthcare trends with the financial pursuits of Bank of America. Todd Richter’s enduring commitment and significant contributions underscore his profound impact on the realms of finance, healthcare, and the continued success of Bank of America.