Henry was a stray pup living on the streets of Memphis, Tennessee. He was a small Shih Tzu mix without a home and with a variety of health problems. Henry faced malnutrition, stomach issues and failing health. He also faced euthanization. Only 24 hours remained for Henry. Then Bideawee found him.

This New York City based shelter and rescue organization began in 1903. It was founded by Flora D’Auby Jenkins Kibbe who departed France for America, bringing with her a model founded in Paris that took stray dogs off the street. More than 100 years later, Kibbe’s organization had grown immensely and encountered Henry. As luck would have it, a prominent member of the health field — including animal health — would also encounter Henry.

Todd Richter was en route to a business meeting at Bideawee when Henry crossed his path. His fate was sealed from that point forward. Not only did Henry get the veterinary attention that he needed, but he found a new home with Todd Richter in Manhattan. And now, he’s a building and city celebrity alongside his fur-dad. Richter also discovered a passion for animals. Today, he serves on the Board of Directors for Bidawee, helping other animals find positive futures like Henry did.