Todd Richter

There is little to no doubt that Todd Richter has managed to develop a strong reputation as a financial analyst, especially when it comes to industries related to healthcare. He currently works as a highly-valued analyst with Bank of America, and he has been there for more than two decades, since 1999. That’s certainly not the full extent of his career, however, as he spent the previous 18 years doing roughly the same sort of work with Morgan Stanley. There, he served as the director of that company’s research into healthcare equity services, including those that covered every conceivable subsection of the healthcare industry. Todd Richter is clearly highly regarded as a financial specialist, probably because he has received many high honors from entities who value the best.

Todd Richter also has been honored as an “All-American Analyst” 17 times and as an “All-Star Analyst numerous times, which is handed out by the Wall Street Journal. Therefore, it should surprise no one that Todd Richter has developed a great reputation to live up to over the course of his long career. In addition to his clearly prolific business acumen, which is primarily focused mainly on the healthcare industry, Todd Richter is also well-known and highly regarded for his sense of philanthropy. One of the best examples of his sense of charity comes with his founding and stewardship of the Bideawee Todd Richter Foster Program, through which he encourages the fostering and adoption of rescue animals.

Todd Richter maintains close ties to his undergrad alma mater, as a Class of ’79 graduate of the College of William and Mary, as well as his graduate alma mater, the Kelley School of Economics at Indiana University, which he gives credit for jump-starting his business career. For instance, the Todd Richter Fundhas established endowments to help support the Kelley School’s provision of financial education to people who could very well maintain and even expand their business career.